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The CAGED System 4: 7th Chords

Like we did in the first CAGED article, today we are going to begin with the basic open shapes of the various seventh chords, and then develop moveable, and barred versions of those open chords.

Lead Tone 6: Adding Compression

Compression is a tool which compresses (reduces) the dynamic range of a signal. It developed as a tool in studios but quickly found its way onto our pedal boards. Unfortunately, amongst guitarists, the compressor has a reputation for having limited uses – usually used as a sustainer or to get a ‘country’ squashed attack. By [...]

Scale Charts: Major, Minor(s), and Pentatonics

Recently I’ve been preparing a number of chord charts and scale charts for my CAGED Articles as well as for the Essential Open Chords post. While I was backing-up/re-organising my working files from those posts I realised, that I’d created a whole bunch of fingering charts. So I added a the ones that were missing [...]