About the Site

This site is maintained entirely by me, Ty Quinn, to benefit aspiring guitarists every where. I have been learning classical guitar for many years, however it was only recently that I have begun ‘spreading my wings’ by exploring other styles. Over the past few months I’ve been exploring the blues – specifically SRV and BB King – and have also looked at the guitar styles of a few ‘shred’ guitarists, notably Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

This blog then, is about my experiences as I discover new guitar styles, methods and techniques. Whenever I discover something new about the guitar, I’ll soon make a post or a lesson about it. Hopefully other guitar students can benefit from my experiences and my lessons.

About Ty Quinn

I’m currently completing my Bachelor of Arts (Music) at the Australian National University, and although I haven’t yet completed the degree, I have managed to complete my major which is classical guitar performance.

So why did I start a educational guitar site? Why not make a record? Or tour? Or perform?

Well, over the past many years I have been suffering from depression. Until quite recently, this hindered my development as a guitarist and also robbed me of any positive feeling about my own life or of the world at large.

On one of my brighter days, I discussed the idea of creating a guitar instructional site with my longterm girlfriend. The idea of free education fitted with my core beliefs and I hoped that, in some small way, such a site may have a positive influence on a few peoples lives.

Similarly I also decided that I would become a music teacher, and I have been teaching at the non-profit organisation Music for Everyone, for over a year now.

So in a nutshell, this site is just one of the ways I battle depression and try to leave a positive impression on the people around me.

Also, later this year, I hope to create a separate blog specifically about depression. Its now the most common disease in the Western world, and while depression exists in every profession, depression does seem to correlate with artisticly inclined people – including musicians and guitarists. It would be great if a support site existed specifically for depressed musicians, written by a depressed musician. Over the years I’ve learned many techniques which allow me to face ‘the black dog’ and it would be nice to share these and other thoughts with the internet community.