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Since your here, I hope that means that you’re finding this site useful and want to give something back. There are lots of ways to help this site and, believe it or not, you can even support the site without getting out your wallet :) . Spreading the word is free and helps the site enormously and by just using the site regularly, and promoting it to family and friends, helps keep the site up. Having a successful site, with lots of visitors, is a huge ego boost and encourages me to write new lessons :)


Obviously the most direct way that you can help me out is by donating with the PayPal link at the top-right of every page. Feel free donate as much or as little as you like – every cent helps. You’ll need a credit card but you don’t need to have an actual PayPal account. If you haven’t got a credit card you can use visa/mastercard gift cards available at most supermarket and department stores.


I have a quasi- ‘store’ on this website, where you can by all or your guitar essentials – strings, picks, capos, sheet music, CDs, etc. In fact the ‘store’ is just my own guitar-specific version of so all of the shipping, payment and inventory are handled by This means you get service, prices and secure payments, while I get a small commission. So please consider using my store rather than the regular store (or any other online store).

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If you have a website, please consider linking to my site, if you have a friend who plays guitar please tell him about the site and if you use MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site then please use it to spread the word. There is a ShareThis link at the bottom of each article which allows you to easily email articles to friends, and it can be used promote articles on social bookmarking sites like, digg or stumble-upon.

For those of you that are involved with the online guitar forums and virtual communities, please mention my site if my articles are relevant to the discussions.

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If you are unable to contribute with any of the suggestions above, then you are still more than welcome to keep using this site. What is most important is that I have lots of visitors who get value from it!